My Musical Upbringing as a Baby, 0-12 Months (Child + parent / caregiver)
Parents and caregivers are guided through a selection of traditional rhymes, songs and movement games that encourages “one-on-one” interaction with your baby and provides a warm and happy beginning to the world of music.
Class Length: 30 min.

My Musical Upbringing as a Baby/Toddler, 12-24 Months (Child + parent / caregiver)
These movers and shakers will actively explore music through movement, with parents and caregivers guiding them through every step. Basic listening and turn-taking activities will also be introduced.
Class Length: 30 min.

My Musical Upbringing as a Toddler, 2-3 Years (Child + parent / caregiver)
These active and energetic children will delight in moving, singing and playing instruments on their own. Parents and caregivers become musical role models as they explore the elements of music with their child. Increased independance will be encouraged in preparation for the Preschooler Program.
Class Length: 30 min.

Our classes are structured to include the following musical activities: Movement, Singing, Listening and Instrument Playing.
Overview of classes for children 3 to 6 years old.
Benefits of Music
You may be surprised to learn that the time to start

your child’s musical education is at birth.

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Baby / Toddler Classes
Overview of class for children 0 months to 3 years
Advanced Musicianship
Overview of our Advanced Musicianship program for children 6 years and older.
Piano Lessons
We offer private piano lessons to dedicated students looking to enrich their musical studies.