Our classes are structured to include the following musical activities: Movement, Singing, Listening and Instrument Playing.

Movement activities (such as bouncing games, finger plays, singing games and creative expression) and instrument playing (using simple instruments such as hand drums, shakers, jingle bells and rhythm sticks) provide opportunities for young children to respond to music, while listening activities (such as ear training games and songs performed by the teacher) help develop aesthetic and musical sensibilities. At the core of our programs is the use of the child’s own singing voice and body as the foundation for all musical learning.

Classes follow a flexible routine that includes intentional repetition of musical material within each class. Children respond best to familiarity and find repetition of well-loved rhymes and songs satisfying. Repetition also allows parents and caregivers to become more comfortable with playing and singing, and we encourage you to incorporate music into everyday life.

An experience-based approach to musical learning is emphasized. Musical learning for children under five years of age will be primarily subconscious. As your child develops cognitively, more focus on specific musical concepts will be introduced – this typically occurs toward the end of the early years (ages six to ten).

Depending on the age of your child, classes are designed to be attended with a parent/caregiver, or independently. Please refer to the class descriptions above to find a program that is right for your child.

Siblings: Each additional sibling enrolled in a class receives a 15 percent discount on class fees (only applicable to group lessons).

2018/2019 Programs - September to June

The studio is open during the school year (September to June) and classes are divided into three terms:

Fall Term: September 8 to December 9, 2018

Winter Term: January 7 to April 14, 2019 (staggered end)

Spring Term (staggered start): April 9 to June 14, 2019

There are approximately 30-34 weeks depending on which day you are registered for. The studio is closed during the summer months (July and August).

Holidays - Classes are cancelled on the following dates:
Saturday October 6 - Monday October 8, 2018 inclusive (Thanksgiving Weekend)

Saturday November 3 & Sunday November 4, 2018 (Professional Development)

Saturday February 16 to Monday February 18, 2019 inclusive (Family Day Weekend)

Saturday March 9 to Friday March 15, 2019 inclusive (March Break)

Friday April 19 to Monday April 22, 2019 inclusive (Easter Weekend)

Saturday May 18 to Monday May 20, 2019 inclusive (Victoria Day Weekend)

Private Piano Lessons
Private lessons are tailored to meet individual needs. Please inquire directly to arrange an interview and placement. Note: there are no sibling rates available for private lessons.

All fees must be prepaid in full upon registration in order to secure a spot in class. Cheques, email transfers and credit cards (via PayPal) are accepted. Please note that credit card payment is required for all online registrations (returning students may pay with cheque or e-transfer).

Please make cheques payable to My Musical Upbringing and mail to the following address (note this is different from the studio location):

My Musical Upbringing
1971 Queen Street East, Ste. 202
Toronto, ON M4L 1H9

For all email transfers, please send transfer details to info(at)mymusicalupbringing.com. Be sure to include your child’s name in the comment field for easy cross-reference.

Credit card payments are processed online through PayPal. You can register and pay online, or alternatively, a separate PayPal email request will be sent to you directly for online credit card payment.

Our classes are structured to include the following musical activities: Movement, Singing, Listening and Instrument Playing.
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