Piano Lessons

My Musical Upbringing offers private piano lessons to dedicated students looking to enrich their musical studies.

We take a comprehensive approach to piano instruction and believe that essential musicianship skills need to be cultivated alongside instrumental technique. In our piano program, students receive both private studio lessons as well as group musicianship classes. This allows students to develop their musical potential to the fullest extent, while creating a joyful experience and a meaningful connection with music.

Why Do I Need to Enrol in Two Different Classes?

When it comes to music education, there is a popular belief that "true" musical learning can only be achieved by learning an instrument. While instrumental study can be a rewarding experience, often times it will lack in overall musicianship training. "Musicianship" refers to the music literacy, ear training and development of artistic sensitivity in performing music. These competencies need to be developed at the start of any music program, regardless of whether your child is learning an instrument.

Learning to play the piano is a technical skill and therefore the private lesson is focused on helping students overcome technical challenges. However, the necessary foundation for the artistic playing of any instrument is a musical ear, which is developed through a group musicianship class. By exploring musical concepts from many different angles, students are more engaged and motivated to become well-rounded, accomplished musicians.

How Long Does My Child Need to be Enrolled in a Musicianship Class?

In general, the younger the child, the greater the need for a musicianship class to supplement private instrumental study. All piano students are expected to participate in the Advanced Musicianship Program in order to build a solid musical foundation. In some cases, students may be required to start in the Preschooler program and progress to the Advanced Musicianship program - this will depend on the age of the child.

For students who complete all five levels of the Advanced Musicianship Program, a customized musicianship program will be developed grouping piano students of similar ages and capabilities.

How Does the Program Work?

Students are enrolled in a minimum of 32 private piano lessons during the school year. Lessons are once a week for 30-minutes and may increase in frequency or length depending on the student's needs. In addition to one-on-one lessons, students are enrolled in a weekly group musicianship class for 60 minutes. Group classes follow the regular term schedule -- click here to view the current class listings.

There are limited spots available for piano lessons -- please contact Laura Ono at 416-305-5651 or info(at)mymusicalupbringing to arrange an interview and assessment.

Our classes are structured to include the following musical activities: Movement, Singing, Listening and Instrument Playing.
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Piano Lessons
We offer private piano lessons to dedicated students looking to enrich their musical studies.